Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday weekend

I have received the first gift of this 44th birthday weekend. And it is THIS.

How can you not love a SPOUSE who buys a present like that, knowing he'll also be hearing the same voice every day at wake-up time? AND the various follow-ups as I'm a 2-3 snooze button hitter?

I'll be waking up giggling from now until this thing shits the bed.

That is all.


Blogger Kim Ayres said...


All the best people were born in 1966!

21 March, 2010 08:53  
Blogger Andraste said...

Cheers, and damn straight, Kim!

21 March, 2010 10:48  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

And happy birthday to you dear girl.

21 March, 2010 13:05  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, Cat. Phase two of the drinking weekend from hell begins in a couple of hours. Just after I sweat out yesterday's debaucheries.

21 March, 2010 13:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

21 March, 2010 20:31  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Brilliant! I love that thing! Hope you had a very happy time, love.

02 April, 2010 00:20  

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