Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What the fuck is going on?

Tim Thomas, you ANIMAL.

The Bruins are one game away from winning the goddamn Stanley Cup and my brain does not know how to process this information. I'm so accustomed (read: programmed from birth) to letting them break my heart so much earlier in the playoffs, like the first or second round, that being one game...ONE BASTARD GAME... away from the first Boston Stanley Cup since I was too young to understand what in the name of Salma dad was losing his shit about ...unfathomable. All they have to do is what they haven't done at all in this series - win in Vancouver - and they'll have done what they haven't even been within smelling distance of doing since 1972. Don't talk to me about 1990. Didn't happen in MY universe.

Anyway...so...Nineteen-fucking-seventy-pigging-two. Okay I'll admit I'm old - so I was alive, but barely sentient. How young is that in hockey years? I hadn't even started skating yet, that's how young.

Hell's bollocks.

On another topic, and new font color, I was out at this event on Sunday, and did not hear a word about the Bruins. An all-day music and booze-fest with my music-loving (and playing) pals and you'd think Boston didn't even HAVE a professional sports team at all, let alone one that's within a C.H. of winning a championship.**

There are many different Bostons, I guess.

I don't know. I kind of think that's pretty cool.

**Weird thing though, the bass player I was chatting to after the gig when a few of us went for a bite to eat asked me about English Football. Very strange. I was too drunk at that point to be very informative or articulate on the topic but I DID manage to squeak out that I hate Manchester United. What a world.


Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

But of course MUFC are not for you. They are the Yankees of football.

My city is on the cusp of the biggest drunk in its history. They will not be happy when they see their very own east end boy Milan Lucic, if for once I have made a correct prediction, guzzling from the shiniest cups of all.

14 June, 2011 23:51  
Blogger Andraste said...

They ARE the Yankees of footie. And I believe that comparison came up. How penetrating of you, Beer...Were you there?

I so hope you're right about tonight, though. I have my reservations, given how this series has gone so far, but I gave up on the Red Sox in 2004 when they were down 3 games in the ALCS so I learned a very powerful lesson - I'm certainly going to have more faith in the Bruins when the series is tied!

Why isn't it 8pm right now???

15 June, 2011 07:22  
Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Bruins deserved it. The Canucks are used to losing. They will get over it. Have a nice parade.

As a Canadian I should not say anything about football. Lots of us know lots about it but we cannot play the game worth a damn so we usually keep quiet about it.

15 June, 2011 23:35  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, Beer. I'm still stunned.

16 June, 2011 00:29  

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