Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bias this, muthafucka.

So, a study commissioned by Roman Catholic Bishops, surprise, surprise, finds that the priests aren't at fault for their reprehensible behavior. Look at this bit of fucking nonsense:

"The report also states that poor training of priests, combined with social isolation, job stress, and few support mechanisms likely contributed to the abuse problem."

Poor training...POOR dimpled white arse. So I guess seminaries need to add a semester to teach what seems obvious to most morally normal people, what seems to go without saying to me: "Don't fuck little children entrusted to your care." You'd think we WOULDN'T need to spell that out, would we? You'd think we wouldn't need to put that on the fucking syllabus.

And the study, shockingly, doesn't seem to address the fact of institutionalized cover-ups, or that the focus of the church's sympathy was with the offending priests, instead of the victims.

I'm predicting a shit-storm of criticism for this study,and rightly so. Anyone with half an operational brain cell will see the obvious confirmation bias - if Roman Catholic Bishops are asking for a study of these phenomena, you can bet the study is going to shift the blame off of the filthy kid-fuckers, and onto whatever cultural phenomena or climate that will make the filthy kid-fuckers the victims.

Well, I ask you.


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