Friday, April 01, 2011


Mike Huckabee thinks we should be forced at gunpoint to listen to a batshit crazy evangelist.

I think he should be forced at gunpoint to read the Constitution, especially the Establishment Clause. What a douche.

Honestly, GOP? This is one of your potential candidates for 2012? You've lost the fucking plot. Good.

Please continue.



Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good to see some writing coming from this corner of the Horse's Ass Pub again. I was going to write in when you were considering abandoning this space but did not. You can write as few can. Let it rock.

I would like to hear about what it is like to be an American who has kept on getting a regular pay package as your country, a country once pushed along by illusions of Manifest Destiny, muddles along, just as my country has done since its inception.

02 April, 2011 11:57  
Blogger Andraste said...

Awww, Beer, you say the sweetest things!

03 April, 2011 09:39  

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