Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The parking gods have smiled 'pon me!

Dip me in gold dust and call me Empress Queen of Absolutely Fucking Everything- for I am the owner of an actual parking spot in one of the school's lots. Put my name on a wait list last month, and was told that it could take up to FOUR YEARS for my name to come up. And Lo and behold: My name came up in less than a MONTH!

No more MBTA agony for me unless I choose to take it because I plan to drink myself retarded after work and don't want to drive home in such a state. And that'll be rare enough that I can justify a taxi home, so really...NO MORE FUCKING MBTA AGONY FOR ME!!

No more shall I wait 40 minutes in the snow/sleet/rain/humidity for a bus that will get me to another bus stop, to wait for ANOTHER bus, which will take another 40 minutes to get me 2.5 miles to work, with some asshole's bag poking me in the ribs/back/stomach/head, nor shall I have to listen to some idiot's cell phone conversation, nor shall I have to stand steadying myself while the bus rattles and lurches around like an epileptic and for the love of all that's holy, WHY is there ALWAYS some asshole with a baby stroller blocking multiple seats on the 73 bus while people stand and get knocked around like pinballs? WHY?

On the downside, I won't get nearly as much reading done. And I will definitely need a shortcut, so as to avoid the clusterfuck that is Watertown Square at rush hour, and Arsenal Street, which simply blows.

Oh well. I STILL WIN.


Blogger Mr. Shife said...

Indeed long time no type. Way to get drinking retarded in your post, and congrats on the parking spot.

19 September, 2007 14:33  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Congrats Darling, you are Queen of parking to be sure.

19 September, 2007 14:54  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, Shife - told you I'd use that phrase. It's too good.

Cat - thanks! I'm now playing around with Google maps, finding ways to shave yet MORE time from my commute. Can't get complacent - there's always nanoseconds to be shaved off somewhere...

19 September, 2007 15:13  
Anonymous laughykate said...

I used to live in Tokyo and my commute to work was an hour and a half and three different train lines. I was convinced that it was the most direct route - however I am sure if I google-earthed it, I would discover I was wrong. One of my friends discovered - after months of an hour commute via the subway and the bus to his place of work - that he actually worked just a twenty minute walk from his apartment! These stories were really common as no one had geographical maps of the place - we all just lived by the subway map. So congratulations on your park, and I really hope that you discover you live a lot closer to work that you previously thought.

19 September, 2007 18:35  
Blogger Andraste said...

Alas, Laughykate, it really, really is 7-8 miles away. I've lived in the area close to 25 years, and I've worked in Harvard Square for 10. It is true, though, that for a long time I couldn't give anyone on-street directions because I took the T everywhere, but since I started to drive it's much easier to picture the layout 'above ground.'

19 September, 2007 18:44  
Anonymous Nonny said...

Well done, If I wear you I happily sacrifice reading to avoid public transport, there is always somebody that smells vile, that is the worst thing.

21 September, 2007 05:45  
Anonymous Nonny said...


21 September, 2007 06:14  

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