Friday, September 07, 2007


Mothefuckers who are already filthy fucking rich, are NO LONGER ALLOWED TO PLAY THE LOTTERY.

The greedy cunt.


Blogger Fresh Hell said...

So. Fucking. Wrong!

As if hating him for being a mean... er.. Republican... fat rich white man wasn't enough! Pshaw! Dick.

I take it all back... I'm sure he's lovely.

07 September, 2007 16:44  
Blogger fatmammycat said...


07 September, 2007 19:28  
Anonymous laughykate said...

Somebody should invent some sort of detection test - when they hand across their cash to purchase a ticket a neon sign could flash up with, 'Rich cunt.Access denied.'

How hard could it be ? Hell, if vacuum cleaners and the internet have been invented - I'm sure it wouldn't take that long for a boffin to come up with it.

10 September, 2007 01:28  
Blogger Chris said...

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11 September, 2007 04:38  
Blogger Sassy Sundry said...

I hate that guy.

11 September, 2007 08:06  
Blogger Andraste said...

Um...Chris, whoever you are. Do you think I'm going to contact anyone with 'edenfantasys' in their e-mail address? What are you, some kind of weirdo swinger? Not interested.

The plural of fantasy is fantasies, by the way.


11 September, 2007 09:47  
Blogger Fresh Hell said...

I've seen chris on half a dozen comments across as many blogs... including mine. SPAM!

11 September, 2007 12:43  
Blogger Andraste said...

Cunting spammers! Should be eaten by rats.

11 September, 2007 13:08  
Blogger Fresh Hell said...


12 September, 2007 08:18  
Anonymous Nonny said...

Oh I would be happy with just one little million.

13 September, 2007 07:02  

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