Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Well now, Happy New Year!

JEEBUS though, I am most definitely in need of a fresh start after the last couple of months. Even before the holiday break got going, the unhealthy living was in full swing. Too much drink, not enough exercise, not enough sun, too much bad food, too much being out of the warren. No wonder I was being such a lapin grincheux.

But listen, I made it this far without catching some awful little bastard of a bug, so I'm still ahead of the game. Honestly can't remember the last time we entered the Christmas vacation week without either me or SPOUSE being sick in some way. So there's that. Besides a few extra pounds, living the lifestyle of a barfly (or my 25 year old self) has only left one other mark upon me - an angry pimply passenger has just in the last two days taken up residence on my upper lip. Massive, red, painful stinger, just sitting there, mocking me. (Aren't you glad you've checked in here today?) Must admit I earned it, but I shall have to resist the urge to pop it, see if I can get rid of it by ignoring it - though that is difficult as it has its own zip code, AND I think it just whispered something.

Oh, shit.

So, to borrow a meme from Sassy, holiday break adds up this way:

Rested - plus 3
No cold or flu - plus 3
Weight gain from holiday foods - minus 2
Gigantic zit - minus 3
Got good prezzies - (new laptop!) - plus 3

Overall: plus 4. (I just had to use a pencil and paper to do that math. Maybe that's a minus but I don't have the heart to penalize myself, so I won't.)

Back to work.


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