Friday, May 25, 2012

Beauty and the Magnum Force

 Spring is sleepy season. I sleep like the dead in the spring, and though I'm not sure why, I have a strong suspicion that my body fighting pollen and spring hayfever causes a slight thyroid drag. I go to bed at a ridiculously early hour (often by 9:30pm) because I have to get up at an even more ungodly hour, and get my workout done before I go to work. I prefer a morning workout - makes me feel like I've accomplished something early in the day, gives me a sense of optimism and accomplishment, boosts the metabolism, and allows me the freedom to get a guilt-free beer after work, if I decide that's what I want to do. Not to mention only needing one shower per day.

I have also learned to sleep in the position of a mummy - between SPOUSE on one side, and one or more cats on the other, I end up pinned in one position, usually on my back with hands folded across my stomach, like a carved figure on a Medieval Sarcophagus. It may look creepy, but at least it's neat.

Speaking of sleep, I had the best dream ever earlier this week. I was a sleeping Snow White (or maybe Sleeping Beauty, the situation was similar in both stories), and I won't tell you who Prince Charming was, (Thups to anyone who guesses)  -  but the kiss that woke me (I woke up in the dream and dreamed some more stuff before I woke up in the real world) was among the best dream kisses my psyche has ever conjured. "I gotta fix THIS situation," he said, as he leaned in, and laid it on me. I'm the least romantic or sentimental rabbit in the forest, but that little moment of mental filmmaking was one of the loveliest friggin' gifts my synapses have ever given me. I usually dream mundane things like doing groceries, or finding stray baby animals, or arguments I need to have - not romantic interludes or sex or any of that nonsense. It was pretty innocent, too, just a kiss, nothing more. And I don't put much stock in what dreams are supposed to mean - don't buy into New Age woo or Jungian Symbolism or anything like that - they're just pictures your brain makes as you rest and let the cells divide and replenish themselves. But sometimes you get a little present. Which is nice.

This brings an end to this charmed, feminine interlude. This blog will return to its angry rabbit diatribes and cantankerousness, as soon as I scrape together enough vitriol for a fresh post. Who knows when. Rabbit girl out. 


Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Tim Thomas?

05 June, 2012 21:12  
Blogger Andraste said...

HA! Certainly not. I'm tired of that bitch.

06 June, 2012 07:26  

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