Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh well, shake it off, it's Friday.

This morning's special fuck-you-up-just-before-the-alarm-goes-off dream concerned a 'death court' where people had to go to convince the 'death judges' that they should not die at that time. You had to go and convince these guys in orange and green gowns that you still had pressing and important work to do, or someone needed you, or that you were just too young.

Supplicants had to show up in white face paint, and present their evidence, and if lucky, have a few supporters with them, to testify on their behalf. The last person I watched go through the process was some Chinese woman with six children. The court was not being very kind to her, in fact they were downright jeering, so even though I didn't even know her (what the hell I was doing there is a mystery - I didn't know ANY of the 'supplicants') I decided to testify on her behalf.

Gah. That's some sick shit right there. Haven't been able to shake it all day. Can't even seem to really wake up.

So, the next time I think it's a good idea to drink cheap vodka on a work-night, somebody stop me. Goddamn Gordon's paint thinner.

Anyhooo...Happy weekend, all.

Sounds like I don't mean it, I know. But I DO. I DO want everyone to have a nice weekend.

Now, off with you, and don't do anything I wouldn't enjoy.


Anonymous windymeadow said...

yikes, maybe you need some analysis or a vacation or something. you must pay attention to your dreams.

26 May, 2006 20:49  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Don't like the sound of that dream much.
Have a good weekend sweetie, it is Satdee morning here and all I can taste is the furry sickly sugary slurm I was drinking last night, very berry cocktails until 3 seemed like such a great idea then. And now I'm paying for it. Blee.

27 May, 2006 06:18  
Anonymous lawnslave said...

That's some fucked up shit, you must be a David Lynch fan...

27 May, 2006 09:21  
Blogger Andraste said...

Yes, I am a David Lynch fan. Yes, I need a vacation. Analysis, however, can fuck right off into the sunset.

Morning all - much better today. For one thing, it's the weekend, which is always good. I've just had my protein smoothie - fresh strawberries, organic yogurt, protein powder, a banana, and apple juice, to be followed by lashings of hot dunkin' donuts coffee. I have the house to myself, and shall soon jump on the elliptical machine for an hour or so, then do my free-weight routine, lunges, squats, and sit ups, then do a bit of cleaning, then head out to the ballgame.

When I come in later, probably quite drunk, and happy from ANOTHER Red Sox win, the house will be quiet, and spotless, and smelling of cleaning stuff.

And that's how I roll when I fly solo.

27 May, 2006 10:12  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

"Supplicants had to show up in white face paint"

Even the albinos?

29 May, 2006 08:00  

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