Friday, June 02, 2006


Harvard Square...SUCKS!!!

Five stores where you can buy a cell phone, but no place...NONE...where you can buy a fucking head of lettuce. Sandals, flip-flops and Ugg (ugh!) boots everwhere you look, but not a decent, non-ugly pair of shoes, for any money. Tons of places (Urban Outfitters and Jasmine Sola, I'm looking at YOU) to buy ugly, torn up looking goddamn RAGS, and spend a year's salary on a terrycloth tube top (I ask you) and NOT A GODDAMN PAIR OF LEVIS???

Don't even get me STARTED on the subject of the fucking GAP. I have tons of gift cards people gave me for Xmas and my last birthday, probably a couple hundred bucks to blow, but I cannot...CANNOT shop in there. Whatever happened to colors people can wear ? You know? Black, gray, navy, green? Looks like a goddamn clown car exploded in there. Everything...EVERYTHING is blinding yellow, hot pink, orange and teal. ORANGE AND TEAL???

Orange and teal. I can't believe that's what's fashionable now. I won't believe it.



Blogger Chris Cope said...

Just take solace in the fact that in a few years, servers all across the nation will be crashing as people desperately try to delete all the photos of themselves dressed as Easter eggs.

05 June, 2006 15:20  
Blogger Amy said...

Girl, I feel that.

06 June, 2006 10:57  
Blogger poco said...

I hate Ugg boots...why do people like them?

11 June, 2006 10:18  

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