Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring is coming - work that ass off.

Current favorite elliptical workout CD. Almost exactly 50 minutes long, some great pumping rhythms, slower bits ideally placed so as to coincide with higher resistance in machine's pre-set interval training workout. Faster bits happen with the lower resistance 'sprinting' intervals. One exception - "Tubthumping" is the first song, and would go better closer to the middle of the disk, when you start to flag and need the lift. Otherwise, perfect.


Blogger Sassy Sundry said...

Not such a fan, but then again, I don't really work out.

02 March, 2009 23:25  
Blogger Medbh said...

Winter gave us a massive bitch-slapping this week, Andraste.
It's hard to believe spring should be here soon.

04 March, 2009 11:39  
Blogger David Sullivan said...

For 20 years I have worked out 5 days per week doing cardio 30-45 per session and lifting weights four of those days, but the x factor is food. When I'm gorging I weigh more. When I am watching what I eat I weigh less. Right now I have a few inches of blubber over my six pack, but in a few months I hope to have it down to an inch of blubber.

The wife needs SOMETHING to hold on to!!

05 March, 2009 13:27  
Blogger Andraste said...

Sassy - to each his own. If you were to work out, what would you recommend? I need a new disc - I've worn this one out.

Medbh- yes, bitch-slapped indeed. AND our school wasn't closed! I had to drive in a blizzard to get there. I love our Dean, but man...What'll it take to get a damn snow day???

Sully - remember when losing all that winter weight was a question of switching to light beer for a week? Gets harder every damn year, it seems.

06 March, 2009 07:31  

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