Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Visibility...shite, add alcohol and simmer.

It's a snowy, blustery New Year's Eve in the rabbit warren. I've just watched the snow change directions a bunch of times, interspersed with gusts that make the street disappear from view. I LOVE THAT. A good day to stay in your pajamas with a good book, and a lap-cat. There won't be much in the way of New Year's Eve celebrations here - I view NYE and St. Patrick's Day as 'amateur nights' when people who normally don't drink and have no tolerance decide it's a good idea to go out and get polluted - making it an unpleasant night out for the rest of us. Not to mention expensive. No, our party happens tomorrow, when we've instructed all our friends to bring their hangovers here for a little 'hair of the dog' and commiseration, with football and music.

We're stocked with food and hooch, the house is clean, dust-free and vacuumed to near sterility in consideration of those friends who may be allergic to cats, and the entire gaff smells of lemon pledge. I haven't boozed at all since we got back into town from Connecticut - another spell of vertigo and a dull headache, like my brain has grown too big for its casing, has had me pretty much bombarding my system with vitamins, sleep, organic greens, and clear, non-alcoholic liquids. So I should be raring to go tomorrow, when I shall indulge in my New Year's Day ritual of the "ALL DAY MIMOSA" and destroy all the good my healthy living has done. It's all about balance, I find.

Let's hope 2009 brings better things. We have some things to look forward to, I think. A new president, with a functional brain and a higher-than-8th-grade vocabulary, for one thing. An end to the war on science of the last administration for another. I'm also daring to hope for at least some economic recovery - call me an optimist, if you will, but there it is. And the little things - Simon Pegg playing Scottie in the new Star Trek film (No, I'm not a trekkie in the least tiny bit, haven't seen any of the others and don't care much for the series, but that particular casting choice may be enough to get my arse in a theater seat.) The latest Harry Potter movie - don't take the piss, I think they're fun books and pretty damn good special effects films. The Bruins are going to do good things for the rest of this season and into the playoffs - looking forward to that. Plus a few home improvement plans - hardwood floors, some cosmetic stuff, some new furniture purchases when our finances recover a bit from the holidays.

Happy New Year!


Blogger Annie said...

Happy new year, Andraste. Yes, 2009 should bring many better things. I am very happily counting down the last few hours of 2000-Hate.

I'm in Maryland with a sick kid so I am sadly missing the snow in Connecticut. Here we just have vicious winds knocking down power lines and making my 4-mile trip to the hospital this evening take over an hour. Bah. 2008 - I'm against it.

I need vast quantities of alcohol, STAT.


31 December, 2008 20:50  
Blogger Medbh said...

Mr. M and I were marvelling that we're going to have a President who actually plays Scrabble!
One who reads!
Our first feminist in the Oval Office!

Happy New Year, Andraste!

01 January, 2009 13:57  
Blogger David Sullivan said...

I've been saying forever that
nye is amatuer night, but I do enjoy having a few amongst the masses on St. Paddy's. Happy

02 January, 2009 08:36  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Good old fashioned Optimism! Exactly what the country, nay, the world needs.

Hope 2009 is good to you & yours :)

02 January, 2009 11:51  

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