Friday, November 02, 2012

I've got a little song here.

No rules. You dig?

You know one of the main reasons I  haven't been here in a while is that I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Blogger's new motherfucking dashboard, right? It's been changed for months, but I couldn't face trying to figure it out just to post something only about 4 people in the world were going to look at. Why do they do that? Just like Facebook and YouTube they keep going in and changing shit that doesn't need changing, and fucking everybody up. It just took me 10 minutes to figure out how to open a goddamn window to start a post in. Now it's a counter-intuitive clusterfuck. Utter waste of time and energy. It was fine before. Just friggin' fine.

Truth be told I'm not THAT exercised over it. I get my jollies on Facebook these days, mostly. When I can be arsed. At least I can have fun changing my profile picture and banner pretty easily - post a link, a birthday message, make a joke, pick a fight, whatever. 

So...can't believe I'm talking up MF'n Facebook, but that's where the world is right now.

Aaaaaanyway...been playing music. With OTHER willing participants, no less. That's right. At 46, I may very well be on my way to actually forming a band and playing live. I've even gotten over my 'I don't want to sing' thing and may even end up being the front person for this little tomfoolery. Why not? I can sing a fuck sight better than a lot of people I hear - I have the lungs and a decent ear. I've lost 20 pounds, on my way to 30, so I'm looking pretty good. For my age.

Get bent, it's true.

So...what? I'm not going to have rock stardom at my age, not going to live the life of recording, touring, videos, etc. - but I can have a reasonably good time playing locally, having fun, making the scene, as it were. I got time and precious few other hobbies. 

Fuck it, why not? WHY NOT?

What's everybody else up to? Hmmm? Anyone....? Helloooooooo......?