Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer in Academia

Jesus Christ on a motorbike and Mary in a sidecar, I am so fucking bored.
Currently, I'm sitting in my office, listening to music, reading blogs, (I've been to every blog I link to, and some I don't, and some I should). I'm actually wondering if I can get away with just reading my book for the rest of the afternoon.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOING ON IN THIS PLACE. And there is nothing work-related I can do. Everyone from whom I'm waiting for information, dates, instructions, either on vacation, or waiting for information from others...who are probably on vacation.

Consequently, I have a few things I SHOULD be doing, but none of them are things that I CAN do. My files are in order and up to date, my office is spotless and organized, and I haven't received a work-related question or e-mail in 3 days.
Also? I'm actually, GOD HELP ME, looking forward to going to Costco tonight after work. People, that is boredom.
Here's some good reading, though. I've been amusing myself going through the archives here:
Today's post is frightening, funny and true. I don't know why, but I find a blog by a guy in Virginia, who is named after my home state, pretty entertaining.

Okay, that killed a couple of minutes. When can I heat up my burrito?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should do what i do. Try bringing a big mug to work and drinking lots of water. Getting up to urinate every hour or so really helps to kill office boredom.

03 August, 2006 14:47  

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