Friday, September 22, 2006

Evasive maneuvers!!

So, the day dawns bright and cheerful, and so does the supposedly sick cat. Eyes bright, coat soft, glossy, healthy, almost back to normal, though looking slightly sullen.

I decide it's best to go ahead with the vet appointment because of my previous history of "waiting and seeing" several cats into the great, kitty beyond.

Vet arrives, Luna eludes capture for a good 20 minutes, half an hour. He jokes, "well, she's got plenty of energy today..." Yes, I think, and it's going to cost me a fortune.

Long story short: The cat is fine. He finds nothing wrong, and even comments on what a large, handsome, robust beast she is, with her big green eyes and button-face. He thinks maybe she just picked up a little bug, much like humans can do. We get a sore throat or a fever and just go dormant for a day or two while our body fights it and brings us back to our equilibrium. That's his theory.

When this bill arrives, we may kill her ourselves.

Anyway, it bought me a day off, and I managed a lot of freelance work before and after the anticlimactic vet visit.

A very, very tall vodka, I'm thinking.


Anonymous Annie said...

On the bright side, it would have cost you even more if she had been sick -- both financially and emotionally. Plus, you got a day off and a very, very tall vodka out of the deal.

I'm glad Luna is well.

24 September, 2006 07:32  
Blogger Andraste said...

Oh yeah, all jokes aside, we're very relieved.

Just wish she hadn't scared us like that!

24 September, 2006 11:36  
Blogger P1P said...

Good news! Glad the moggie is ok.

Drink the vodka and fingers crossed on the bill.

25 September, 2006 08:59  

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