Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An eye for art.

We had this Renoir hanging in the staircase in the house where I grew up. Probably the origin of my obsession with having long, red hair, since I can't really poinpoint anything else in my childhood that would explain it.

Notice that the ribbon holding her hair on the back of her head looks a bit fish-shaped. It was for this reason that when I was very, very young, and not really understanding the process of human respiration and need for oxygen, I formed the idea that she was under water. I thought she was merely sitting quite prettily on the ocean's floor, whilst little fishies swam by, caressing her lovely tresses.


As it happens, I'm wearing my hair exactly like this today.

Anyway, this past week to week and a half has been an absolute shit storm, so I'm sure I'll have more riveting junk to report on later. This is just a time waster.


Anonymous Annie said...

You're wearing a fish in your hair today? Doesn't seem like you.

Hey Andraste - I'll trade you your feline vet bill for my equine vet bill. I'll even throw in the farrier bill! That stinkin' horse gets more new shoes than I do. Something is definitely not right here.

26 September, 2006 21:47  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Speaking of Art, I still cannot seem to access Marc's website. Everytime I click on the link it struggles for ages, doing nothing, before finally giving up. Is it definitely stil there?

27 September, 2006 03:42  
Blogger Andraste said...

Yes, Annie, it was an eel shaped barette. I also have an elastic band with black cat heads on the ends. I'm jealous that you have a horse. I haven't even ridden since 2003, and that was a guided thing, you know, where the horses are so bored with the route, and you have to have a guide, and you can't jump over anything because of the stable's insurance policies... Ugh.

Kim - that is so bizarre. When I click the link from your site, it works! Goes directly to the site, really quickly. Can you try it on a different browser? I have MS Explorer, but maybe you're using Mozilla or something...Who am I kidding, I haven't a clue!

27 September, 2006 09:31  
Anonymous Annie said...

Trail rides just make my butt hurt. It's my daughter's horse, I just have the pleasure of paying the bills. Lucky me. She does love to jump though. It scares the poop outta me when my daughter sets up a ginormous jump, looks at it, shrugs, and says, "I guess she can jump that." This is why I drink.

27 September, 2006 10:53  

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