Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Open blogger window...begin typing...

WELL now.....another eon has gone by since I last updated. I won't apologize for the quiet. You lot have better things to do than wait around for me to regale you with my slightly slanted views on life and marginally literate ramblings.

Let's see, let's see....what's going on with me these days, you may well never care to ask?

Well, for one thing, I'm still spending a lot of time taking care of Luna, the high-maintenance, low-vigor kitty, in her convalescence. She's doing great - looking good, feeling good, eating, playing, cuddling - but she still needs to be separated from the other two cats. So she's still living in her own apartment in the basement, and I spend as much time with her as I can, playing, cuddling, jamming meds down her ungrateful throat - and since my computer is not in that part of the house, and I'm too busy at work to do much more than the occasional comment on some other blogs - this little corner of the internet has been dormant.

In other news, I'm also on day 13 of another no booze, no coffee liver detox. Just like last time, the healthy bloom returned to my cheeks within only a few days, and I've been able to get my sorry-white-dimpled arse out of bed at 6:30AM a few work days a week so I can jump on the elliptical for a bit before going to work. It feels fucking MARVELOUS, let me tell you.

Skin - luminous.
Energy - like that annoying flip-flop wearing toy rabbit with the drum.
Digestion - clockwork.
Weight loss - oh, it's happening.

On March 15, however, SPOUSE and I have Bruins tickets, so in order to enjoy the hockey in the spirit with which it was intended, I will end my healthy little detox by starting my day with a bellyful of Dunkin' Donuts goodness, and greet noontime with as much beer as is humanly possible to consume for the 1PM puck drop. and's like a speedball, only legal. Huzzah!

Gearing up at work for my busiest time of year. Dragging at least 40 exhausted, foot-dragging doctoral students through the last stages of the program, and getting them graduated, despite their running out of steam and unpredictable faculty advisors and thesis committees. So between early March and late May, I'm a bag of thesis processing, faculty nagging, data massaging, list producing, assholes. I should get an honorary doctorate, hear me?

I've got a couple more Nostradamus blogging predictions in the works, but time and inspiration aren't always happy bedfellows and rarely come at the same time. Hee. So I hope to have one or two up by the weekend. Maybe. Maybe not.

So...there it is. More soon, I hope.

Oh, by the way, the blogger formerly known as ******* is back. He's Gaius now. Must have crawled out of a government facility someplace, and doesn't want them to find him. I, for one, welcome him back. Even though he is, frankly, a bit of a cunt.


Blogger fatmammycat said...

Glad you're well, especially glad Luna is rocking it.

29 February, 2008 08:14  
Blogger Medbh said...

Good for Luna.
Andraste, you should get an honorary degree for dealing with all the psycho doctoral candidates. Mad as a bag of badgers by the end of it, I'm sure.

11 March, 2008 11:18  
Blogger norman said...

you are far stronger than I I went 48 hours booze free to appease the girlfriend and that was long enough

12 March, 2008 16:57  

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