Saturday, January 05, 2008



Vet just left - we're doing ONE MORE TEST, but remember that blinding, road to Damascus, angels sang, Mother Nature reaching her hand in and intervening, miracle we were talking about? That didn't QUITE happen, but our regular, traveling vet came and looked at the test results from the emergency clinic, asked some questions, did an exam, and the upshot: Luna has put on weight, is no longer quite so dehydrated, is breathing better, and might not...MIGHT NOT...need to go to the great litter box in the sky.

So, though she lives in the basement apartment by herself (don't worry, it's a nice apartment, not a damp, concrete basement - and she gets plenty of company as that's where the big flatscreen TV, the beer fridge, and exercise room is, and hence where SPOUSE does most of his sports viewing and I do all of my working out and big movie viewing) with her own litter box, food, bedding, and freedom from the other cats. And as long as she has some kind of quality of life down there, and this last test result is negative (FIV/Leukemia/cancer) she'll spend the rest of her life in isolated, sports-viewing, fleece blanket bliss.

She's not out of the woods. She's off the appetite stimulant, off the antiobiotics, and if she tests positive for any disease at all, or if she suddenly takes another downward turn and her life sucks again, the vet comes back with the death needle and canvas bag.

But still. She'll be around with her button face and big mitts for at least another week or two. But she'll never be upstairs for the rest of her life, because even if I get this piss stench out of my couch, she'll never have an opportunity to do THAT again.

I have to draw some lines somewhere. I'll spoil my cats rotten, but I will NOT sit in cat piss on my own couch.



Blogger fatmammycat said...

Darling that is terrific new indeed. Yay! I was almost dreading popping round to day, but this is really good news.

05 January, 2008 12:13  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, Cat. Yes, cautious optimism or pessimistic hope, it's a better outcome than I expected today.

I was 99.99999% sure she was a goner. But as I was cuddling with her last night in her little space, she was purring, cuddling, rubbing my face - and cats that are sick and in pain do not seek affection, they hide. So I had a glimmer of hope from that, but I wasn't going to jump for joy until the vet came and left WITHOUT a corpse...

05 January, 2008 13:07  
Blogger Medbh said...

That bit about them having 9 lives is no joke.
So glad to hear that Luna gets another chance.
I'm sure she's not lonely. Elderly dogs and cats get sick of the drama from the siblings and want some peace and quiet.
What good news.

05 January, 2008 14:28  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, Medbh. Exactly. By my reckoning, she's on her 4th life. (I think she used one up before I even got her.) Yeah, she likes her peace and quiet. But she's not elderly, only six! But in any case, they sleep 20 hours a day, so most of the time she's sleeping, and the rest of the time, we're down there giving her lots of love. So - not at all a bad way to spend the next few years, if the test results aren't awful...

05 January, 2008 14:32  
Blogger Canadian Girl said...

Enjoy your extra time with lovely Luna. For me, bliss is having a purring kitty on my lap.

05 January, 2008 18:32  
Blogger Andraste said...

I'm with you, Canadian Girl. There is NOTHING sweeter than a purring lap warmer, and a sweet, furry, whiskered face.

And this one is a true sweetheart - worth the extra time, trouble, money and tears.

05 January, 2008 19:05  
Anonymous Sam, Problemchildbride said...

I'm glad to hear that Luna has her much wished for reprieve, toots. What a fine way to spend the rest of her life.

I wish I could sleep for 20 hours today.

06 January, 2008 10:41  
Blogger Andraste said...

Cheers, Sam. I could use a few more hours of sleep myself, but alas - work to be done, cats to be nurtured, and football to watch.

06 January, 2008 11:04  
Blogger Fresh Hell said...

Oh yay! I'm glad Luna got pass on the needle. You are a much better perspective and are much more grounded than so many crazy cat people I know. I love my Clyde, but I'd rather give her dignity and open up to another cat that is in dire need of being loved. I hope the test results are the good ones and you and Luna spend many more years together in the cellar.

08 January, 2008 10:47  

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