Friday, September 23, 2005

Nauseatingly happy Friday post

Welp, it has to happen sometimes, right? I can't always be the cantankerous bitch, it's emotionally untenable. Sometimes, I'm happy. Sometimes, life is perfectly okay, thank you very much.

It is Friday, work is not bad today (it's never VERY bad, I do like my job), on my lunch break I will go and buy books, which always gives me a rise. The weekend plans are good, a sufficient amount of socializing as well as sufficient time to indulge my hermit-like tendencies.

No matter what happens to the Red Sox, we'll all see some good baseball, as several teams will be playing "MUST WIN" ball. I hope the Sox make another charge into first...nay, I EXPECT them to. Are you LISTENING lads? You wanna get on that? Thanks.

It's all good from here.

Except...nay, there is a snake in the garden. Blogger refuses to let me upload a beer picture to represent my joy that the weekend has arrived. It says it's done, but lo, it has not loaded. Do you see a picture of beer here? No, the answer is there is NOT a picture of beer here. Found some good ones, too. Tch. Typical.

This is a chink in the armor. One tiny blemish on an otherwise cheerful mood.

Oh well, in a mere few hours, the reality of beer will supercede this minor setback.


Please check my new links. Good yuks to be had in the blogosphere today.*

*Okay, I'm gagging a little bit at the use of the word 'blogosphere,' but until a more descriptive term comes to mind, it'll have to do.

EDIT: Also added LBSeahag in the links section. She keeps saying nice shit about me, though I don't deserve it.


Blogger mrshife said...

Mmmm, beer. I am going to be hurting the liver in the next few days. Bachelor party, wedding and an anniversary all this weekend. It is going to be tough but I can do it dammit.

23 September, 2005 13:03  
Blogger Andraste said...

Buck up!!! And good luck with that!

I once did a Friday night party in CT, Saturday wedding in NJ, then a Giants/Eagles game in Philly. The entire weekend, I must have consumed...ugh, I can't even estimate how much booze, and got maybe ...MAYBE 6 hours of sleep. I think I'm STILL tired.

23 September, 2005 13:09  
Blogger Father of 3 said...

Remeber to eat this weekend...remember what happened last weekend?

23 September, 2005 13:21  
Blogger Andraste said...

Thanks, fof3. Definitely plan to eat this time. The spouse wants a nice dinner with our booze, so we'll start there and see where it takes us.

Isn't it a shame that even at my age I have to relearn that lesson. Frigging dipsomania.

23 September, 2005 13:27  
Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

The phrase "must win game" cracks me up. That very term implies that there is such a thing as a "must lose game," which (as far as I know) there isn't. Isn't EVERY game a "must win game?"

23 September, 2005 15:32  
Blogger Andraste said...

Actually, I said "Must win ball." which a lot of teams will be playing. Not all games are "must win." It's a fact of life that you're going to lose some. A loss or two in April or May is acceptable and expected.

Sure, one way to look at it is that all games are must win, but it's a degree thing. "must win" in July becomes "MUST FUCKING WIN" in September. See the distinction?

23 September, 2005 15:36  
Anonymous muff diver said...

Ye of little faith. The picture is there, you just have to believe.

23 September, 2005 17:05  
Blogger Andraste said...

Welp, now that I'm home from work, the real beer I have in front of me now makes it a moot point. Watch THIS one disappear. Oooops, there it goes! hic.

23 September, 2005 17:38  
Blogger mrshife said...

Dammit, I still have 53 minutes to go. I want to live in the Eastern time zone on Fridays.

23 September, 2005 18:09  
Blogger deadpanann said...

A beer is worth a thousand pictures of a beer.

24 September, 2005 01:42  
Anonymous rachy said...

Beer. Hm. I had copious amounts of the stuff yesterday, and will be enjoying wine tomorrow to relax during an afternoon barbecue with a few close friends. I've been unwell over the last three weeks because I overdosed on water (I actually did, it's called water intoxication that leads to hyponatraemia) and now I'm nearly back in full form. I still can't wait to finally get a job though, doesn't being employed make you appreciate alcohol that much more?

24 September, 2005 03:17  
Blogger Andraste said... right! That's why the tiny setback didn't keep me cranky for long.

Rachy, overdosing on WATER is possible? Who knew? Yes, having a job increases enjoyment of alcohol...first of all, you can afford it. Years ago someone told my mother (scotch drinker) that there was a rumor going around town that she had a "drinking problem." She said, "If I can afford it, what's the problem?" She was a pistol.

24 September, 2005 09:12  
Blogger Bane said...

I hate it when chinks get in my armor, the little slanty-eyed fuckers. I welcome the bird flu for the little fuckers. The only good chink, is a wheezy, besnotted, about to choke to death on his own spittle chink. Fuckers.

24 September, 2005 13:54  
Blogger LBseahag said...

You are on my list too....

I like your sarcasm....and the Meh...

24 September, 2005 19:11  
Blogger Andraste said...

Bane, true to form. True. To. Form.

24 September, 2005 23:52  

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