Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mixed media

As I was lying in bed last night, watching the Red Sox, and reading the Letters of Kingsley Amis (Oh, you weren't so pretentious. Yes, I WAS.) it occurred to me that I'm not as fired up about the return of baseball as I should be. (Shocking and inexcusable. Yes, I KNOW.)
Believe me, by the time Tuesday's home opener rolls around, I'll be in full-on lunatic Sox fan mode, sporting my child's size (I do have a tiny head) team hat, and normal sized (for I am that, if nothing else) team jersey, and joining the other joyful fans on the concourse at Fenway, drinking expensive beer, and high-fiving perfect strangers, just because they're fans of the same team, in the pure joy of the return of baseball to Boston, and reveling in the welcome sights, smells and sounds of Fenway, and oh yes, lest we forget, spring.

But right now - meh. I think my mistake this year, and what's causing the baseball ennui, if you will, is that I've listened to far too much WEEI, and followed too much of the off-season front-office maneuverings. I'm so fucking spoiled. I should have just done what I normally do - ignore the off-season, let the team organization do what it will, trade whoever, sign whoever - for these people know much, much more about baseball than I do, and are perfectly capable of putting together a viable team without my watchful eye or venturing my not-as-knowledgeable opinion on every move they make. And then it would all be fresh for me as I start to watch spring training games, and I get to learn about the new signings - who they are, what they do - in a more organic way. Then it really feels like a new season, and not an epilogue to the shitty end of last year's season.

The fact that I could have the game on in the background whilst putting more brain energy toward the letters of a dead, curmudgeonly English writer - well...I just hope this passes by Tuesday, or it's going to be a long, boring summer.


Blogger The Pillion Passenger said...

my only experience of baseball was a match between the pirates and st louis last year. although the latter went on to win the world series, they didn't seem that great. in fact, i'd say baseball is on a bit of a downward curve at the mo, as i spent a lot of time in the US last year and no-one got too excited about it. nearly made it to fenway park too, pity i didn't. i've heard good things. saw the celtics though. i've seen bad things.

ps: pirates have a lovely stadium, overlooking the allegheny river if im not mistaken

06 April, 2007 09:58  
Blogger Andraste said...

Hi Pillion, welcome to the Pub and thanks for commenting!

PIty you didn't make it to Fenway. My experience of other ballparks is that there just seems a lot of indifference about the game and their teams, which amazes me. I've walked to the ticket window day-of-game in Toronto, and gotten prime seats, cheap. You can't do that at Fenway. The baseball fanaticism here is another story entirely. Filled to the brim with absolute baseball nutters, every single game. Sold out MONTHS in advance, the excitement is palpable. It's infectious - sure, you get your assholes, but by and large, it's a great, knowledgeable crowd, just brimming with excitement and love for the team, and more importantly, the game itself. I suspect the same can be said of The Mets and the Yankees...maybe even the Orioles - but most other places just aren't 'baseball towns.'

Oh, thanks for making me type this. My enthusiasm is returning...EEP!!!

06 April, 2007 10:12  
Blogger The Pillion Passenger said...

yeah maybe it's a class thing, in pitt. people seemed more concerned about getting on the BIG screen than watching the game. didn't seem like their mood was tied into the teams...and that's no good at all! but still credit where it's due, once i got the rules i got the game.

06 April, 2007 12:32  

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