Saturday, September 13, 2008

I got your shifting moral zeitgeist right here.


You can do real damage to yourself by not taking care of your teeth, my friends. Did you know that?

Can't talk now. Must warn others.


Blogger Kim Ayres said...

3 things all adults regret if they didn't start when they were younger:

1. learned a musical instrument
2. learned a foreign language
3. looked after their teeth

I severely wish I'd done more than jsut the 1st one

13 September, 2008 13:48  
Blogger Andraste said...

Too right, Kim. I wished I'd done #3 - though I'm doing okay in that sense, despite my late start - a mouth full of fillings and one implant, but they're clean and white and give me very little pain these days. The implant? Accounts for a good portion of my current debt, and for that reason alone...Floss, floss, floss.

13 September, 2008 14:18  
Blogger savannah said...

how have i missed reading you, sugar? came via kim's place ;) xoxo

13 September, 2008 14:54  
Blogger Andraste said...

Hiya Savannah - welcome to the pub.

Sounds like you've popped in before - don't be turned off. We have shitloads to say but we're not particrularly nice.

Problem is, we don't update enough.

Oh well.

Just came home from a party and I am OBLITERATED. Took 10 minutes to type this response. Oh dear.

IN any case, welcome and *hic* cheers.

13 September, 2008 19:38  
Blogger Shicho said...

i would add to that list golf.

if only to cut down on my cursing.

14 September, 2008 10:13  
Blogger Andraste said...

Wow - I was 'faced last night when I checked in. Bad spelling, nonsensical gibberish there, huh?

I reiterate, though. Savannah, welcome.

And Welcome to Shicho. Glad you popped in - can't say I regret never playing golf, but I will say I should have played more organized sports as a kid. I'd be a much better "team player" now, with better athletic ability if I'd learned it as a kid. Much as I love sports now, I'm a klutz.

14 September, 2008 13:20  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Ouch, implants, so very bloody costly.

18 September, 2008 10:36  

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