Friday, May 22, 2009

I shall plant things and they shall grow like motherfuckers..

HUZZAH for long weekends! Took the day off today, stretching the holiday weekend into a nice little 4-day vacation.

I've been doing some gardening. I've put in a bunch of perennials around the place, and made some pretty borders and an herb garden. Spent a lot of cash, and broke a lot of sweat. There is always more to do though. In a short time, once my workout is done and I'm ready to be seen outside the warren, I shall go and buy yet more plants. And then I shall put them in various places around the grounds, and then I shall water them, set a chair outside, open a book and a bottle of wine...and sit down... to

Here are some pictures I took last weekend. First, the front yard.

Azaleas burst into bloom in spring and then spend the rest of the summer looking green and sullen. But right now, thanks to a cold spring, these beauties seemed to bloom late, and the blossoms are taking their time about withering. My camera phone doesn't do the plant justice. It's a frigging fireball.

These are some hostas I put in last year. They're getting pretty big and beginning to crowd each other a bit. In the fall I'll dig one or two of them up and put it someplace else. Hostas are great - a perennial that loves shade, and the acidic New England soil, and they basically mean you'll never have to garden that patch of ground again, once they take. Which is why , last weekend, I put some in the back yard, under a HUGE azalea that has already lost its spring bloom.

Here they are, complete with the weeds and shit behind them that I'm hoping they grow to cover up, because it's almost impossible to get back there and pull all that stuff out. I can't be bothered, anyway.

Below is a portion of my herb garden. As you can see, it was time to put the rabbit outside. Here he is, happily lording it over the lavendar, lemon thyme, oregano and chives. How much of these herbs will I actually use? Precious little, to be honest. But they're pretty and they smell nice.

Which is why this year instead of loading up the herb garden with herbs I won't use, I put in these lupins. In front of them are last year's rosemary and a bunch of basil plants I put in last week. I DO use basil. TONS of basil. So there it is. I've also got some tomato plants in pots, so I'll be rocking the insalata caprese - nom, nom.

The previous owners of the house planted these irises next to the garage. They're stunning - but the camera made them look brighter than they are. Their color is actually such a dark purple, they're almost black. The only down side to these is that they smell like licorice. Minging.

Another shot of the irises. Got good life out of them this year. Last year they bloomed and then it rained really hard for four days straight, battering the poor bastards into the ground. Boo.


Blogger DeadpanAnn said...

Those are all pretty. I may try some herbs next year. Those hostas are nice.

I just planted my first vegetable garden, and it's looking rather pathetic. I have to get out there with a hoe tomorrow and get rid of some of the grass that is trying to invade it. If it goes as planned, I will have a lot of butter beans, some squash and zucchini, watermelon, jalapenos, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. The beds around the front and side of the house are filled with loropetalums with a few crepe myrtles, ligustrums, etc. spotted here and there. I have 2 sweet olives and that is the best thing I've ever smelled, and they have pretty white flowers. They smell so good I wish I could have one inside the house.

The only flowers I have are some Geraniums in hanging baskets, some Impatiens, and some Dwarf Gardenias in the flower beds. But I do have a giant azalea bush. It's about 12 feet tall. I don't think they're supposed to be let go like that, but this one was here when we got the house and was already huge. It became a monster before I took any interest in it.

22 May, 2009 23:25  
Blogger Andraste said...

Morning, Ann. I'm jealous of your veggies, I'm only doing a few tomatoes and cukes in pots because I don't really trust the soil around the house (100 year old house with lead paint and all) and there isn't really enough room. Yes, the azalea in the back yard is also an inheritance from the previous owners. Like yours, it's about 12 feet tall, and bursts into bloom in early May with these amazing pink blossoms. I didn't know they're not supposed to get like that, but I'm leaving it - it's just too gorgeous. And it's kind of famous in the neighborhood, I guess. Someone came up to me the other day and said "oh, you're the one with the incredible azalea."

23 May, 2009 11:27  
OpenID fatmammycat said...

Wot!? Where are your slugs and snail and bedding plant nommers???

27 May, 2009 07:53  
Blogger Andraste said...

So far I haven't had any snails or slugs or anything. Cross fingers it stays that way!

But I do have some kind of fungus or SOMETHING eating the roses. Bleugh.

27 May, 2009 09:00  
OpenID fatmammycat said...

Happy friday toots!

29 May, 2009 09:25  
Blogger Medbh said...

The hostas are lovely.
I have the same purple flowers on my chives, which is strange because they haven't appeared before. Or maybe I just clipped the buds off the last three years.
Have you tried planting lemon verbena? It smells outrageous and is great for cocktails.

29 May, 2009 20:47  
Blogger Andraste said...

Oohh...verbena...haven't tried that yet, but the lemon thyme is a great sprinkling for fruit salad, I'm told. Haven't actually tried it yet, so far the stuff just sits there for me to run my hands through it and smell them. It's the little things in life.

But do you have recipes for the lemon verbena cocktails? I'm all ears!

29 May, 2009 21:57  
Blogger Medbh said...

I believe I posted about ginger-lime cosmos with a lemon verbena garnish.
It is beyond fabulous.

07 June, 2009 21:41  

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