Friday, August 28, 2009


I have an AMAZING knack for opening my big mouth and making some absolutely harmless comment or joke JUST when the very person least likely to find it funny or most likely to get me in trouble for it is standing right behind me and I didn't know it until after the damage is done.

How do I do it?
Just happened a few minutes ago and now worrying about it has absolutely RUINED an otherwise glorious Friday/payday. Even this stack of 7 brand new books hasn't lightened the mood.

Well, maybe a LITTLE bit.
That is all.


Blogger v1n said...

i have 2 people sitting next two me.they find every comment i make in the office irritating.i think they just hate me.

and life goes on.

31 August, 2009 07:52  
Blogger laughykate said...

Are you good at this as well? I am gifted. However I will tell you something that may make you feel a little better.

A friend of mine was invited to a party and theme was fanta-sea. A marine theme, if you will. Since my friend's partner was a pilot they thought they'd go as passengers from a plane crash. She went off and hired their outfits, and also suggested that her partner might like to ask a friend of his along. They called him up and he was delighted to accept. Three hours before the party was supposed to start they realised that the guy they were taking (also a pilot) had been involved two years ago in a horrific plane crash where lives had been lost.

They went as pirates.

31 August, 2009 22:49  

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