Tuesday, October 04, 2005


As my husband and I approach our second wedding anniversary, though I'm not a romantic, nor sentimental, and nor even particularly deep, I'm taking some stock. Bear with me.

Over the past two years, I've been asked, ad nauseum, different variations of the same question: "How's married life treatin' ya?"

Yeah, like a one word answer is going to cover it.

What the in the name of fuck is a person supposed to say to this? Nothing's ever perfect. Anyone who answers "Just great, wonderful, I'm more in love now than I was two years ago" is fucking lying, or stupid.

"It's nice," doesn't cover it, neither does, "No difference from living together," "it's an adjustment," or "very happy indeed."

Here's how I describe marriage:

You know how sometimes you sleep all cuddled up, snoozing happily, comfortably, bodies fitting together like pieces of a puzzle and you feel warm, safe, secure and peaceful? And then other times, you get no fucking sleep whatsoever because you are both made entirely out of elbows?

It doesn't quite cover it, but it's all I'm going to say from now on.


Blogger mrshife said...

That is a pretty good description. My wife and I just celebrated our first recently, and I can totally relate with the elbows. Somedays she just wants to cuddle and other days if my elbow or other hard objects come anywhere near her designated air space I am in trouble.

04 October, 2005 14:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The road of Life and/or Marriage are a give and take experience. Careful consideration must be given to both/all parties involved. Sure the road goes up, goes down, turns right, turns left, detours and comes to a stop light. We all have our little idio(tic)syncrosies, quirks, quarks, burps and farts while we travel down these roads, but must maintain some balance with our interested/disinterested significant others. Should we become disenfranchised, disengenuated, ungrateful or inconsiderate of each other, it's time to stop the car, bus, pick up, kiddie car and get the fuck off/out. I've been there and was happy or so I thought, when it came down to it, we became acquaintances and when asked by my SigOther, I realized I was totally unhappy and told them to get the fuck out. That would be the end of the story, except I met my perfect match: A loving caring easy going free spirit who was as carefree as myself, much more selfless than I am and fell in LOVE (ech, ech, sorry hairball). #1 thing to remember while driving down this road, REGULAR scheduled mainatanance is a must during any road trip!!!!

04 October, 2005 15:19  
Blogger LBseahag said...

Yet another reason to stay single....i suck at puzzles..

04 October, 2005 22:40  

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