Thursday, October 05, 2006

Screw copyright law.

Amy Robsart, William Frederick Yeames 1835-1918

I think when I can't think of anything to bitch about, I'll just pop a painting I like up here.

Feel free to look up Amy Robsart (1534-1560), if you like, and get some edummication. She was married to Robert Dudley, court favorite, master of horse, and many contend, lover of Queen Elizabeth I. It has been widely speculated that she was whacked because of her husband's ambition to marry Elizabeth I and thus gain the throne of England. Or that she was cunningly murdered by William Cecil, the queen's trusted advisor (with the knowledge and consent of Elizabeth) in order to discredit Dudley, rendering marriage to the queen impossible. She may also have suffered from breast cancer, and porous bones, which would make a fall down even a short flight of stairs fatal... No real proof has ever come to light either way.

This painting shows Amy, dead at the foot of a shallow stair, with two shady looking fellas in the background, looking.

Wuz they the ones that done it?

Anyway, it's a beautiful work.

Poor wee Amy.

"Love went over the wall...
Was it pushed or did it fall..." - John Wesley Harding


Blogger Fat Sparrow said...

You have damn fine taste in art.

I've always liked all the stories surrounding Good Queen Bess, although my fave is Mary, Queen of Scots.

Did you see "The Virgin Queen" on Masterpiece Theater? It wasn't half bad, even if it was not historically accurate.

I got the hots for yer man Dudley, or at least the actor who played him, until the husband was watching Sci Fi Channel, and I saw the same guy in this load of wank called "Minotaur."

Jesus, how bad were the bills piling up that he had to join that piece of shit?

05 October, 2006 18:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love reading this sort of stuff, mainly because I know almost nothing about art, so now I feel all educated and shit. Do more!

06 October, 2006 03:50  
Blogger Amy said...

Oooo. Purdy.

06 October, 2006 10:02  
Blogger SafeTinspector said...

So very dead.

10 October, 2006 15:29  

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