Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If ever anybody looked like a Zdeno...

I, personally, have never met anybody named Zdeno. But...yes, this is pretty much what I would imagine someone with that name would look like.

Say hello to the Boston Bruins new captain, Zdeno Chara, everyone! He's got some awfully big SKATES to fill. But at 6 foot 9, erm...yes, I'm sure he'll fill 'em up good.



Blogger Fat Sparrow said...

That pic looks totally photoshopped. The poor bastard looks like someone put two different sides of two different faces together. I don't care how big he is, stick him back in the oven, cause he ain't finished cooking yet. Somebody goofed.

03 October, 2006 15:42  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

Apparently, this is what a Zdeno can look like too

03 October, 2006 18:09  
Blogger Andraste said...

Sparrow - I'll let you know once hockey season gets underway.

Kim - not too far off! They must come by the dozen.

03 October, 2006 18:46  
Anonymous Annie said...

Oh boy. He's gonna hurt the Rangers, isn't he?

03 October, 2006 20:28  
Blogger Dr Maroon said...

6'9"? What is it, basketball on ice?
Whatsa matter with you guys, wht have you always to up the anti?

04 October, 2006 03:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheesh. That's nothing. Here's a team photo of Liverpool Football Club - check out Peter Crouch, the big guy at the back. He's the tallest man in the entire world. :)

04 October, 2006 04:51  
Blogger Andraste said...

Annie - I hope so!

Ack - growth hormones in the food. S'gotta be!

Kav - JAYSIS! See growth hormone comment above. How does he play?

04 October, 2006 12:40  

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