Tuesday, October 25, 2005


All right, I've had it with this bitch. Enough fucking rain already. We're all set with the rain.

...we could do with a bit more fucking WIND though.

Co-workers will want to steer clear of me today. I'm on a 24 hour fast. Not starving myself, as some do, just drinking water, and those crazy Odwalla antioxidant fruit smoothie thingies. If I get absolutely ravenous for something solid (no dirty jokes, please), I'll have some pineapple. This is not really a weight loss kind of thing, it's a 'cleansing,' if you will. My skin looks shitty, my normally smooth, perfect, ivory complexion has taken on a pasty tone, and several unwelcome zitty visitors have appeared. The little bastards.

And my husband is out of town on a business trip, so I can actually do a healthy fast, without being accused of having an eating disorder. I don't know how I'll ever convince him that eating at dinner time, whether you're hungry or not, just because IT'S TIME TO EAT, is actually worse for you than skipping a meal from time to time because you are NOT HUNGRY... But that's another tale for another day.

Before anyone thinks I'm a health freak, I'd like to point out that last night, in preparation for my fast today, I ate a FAMILY SIZE Stouffer's macaroni & cheese dinner. I won't say how much of it I actually ate. Let's just say I can afford to skip a meal or two today.


Blogger fatmammycat said...

Darling, I do that once a month, it is great for the old body in my view. And once ever three months I do a week just with grilled fish, veg and fruit and water, nothing processed at all, not even cheese, or bread. And after that week I feel amazing and say stuff like 'I must keep this up, wow I have so much energy' and then I have a glass of wine and forget all about it for another three months.

25 October, 2005 13:31  
Blogger Andraste said...

A week without CHEESE? You are amazing. I couln't last 48 hours. Sounds like I should try, though. Also, I suspect that by the end of tomorrow, I'll be guzzling Guinness and drunk-dialing the Chinese takeaway around the corner. But we'll see.

25 October, 2005 13:37  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

I know, terrible, no cheese, no white wine, no crunchy bread with lashings of butter... terrible. But the woman who told me this was a stick thin French woman who had really beautiful skin for a lady in her late fifties. And she smoked like a trouper to boot. First two days are hard, but then it does get easier. The energy increase is alarming. It does make one think about the amount of junk one eats.

26 October, 2005 03:38  
Blogger Kim Ayres said...

I've cut out most of the processed food from my menu, and have lost 68 pounds in the past 8 months. My skin's a lot better and my moods are a considerably better too. There's more info about it on my Losing a Hundredweight blog (http://losingcwt.blogspot.com/). The sooner you cut the crap out of your eating, the sooner you feel so much better.

26 October, 2005 08:56  
Blogger Andraste said...

Welcome, Kim. I've actually visted both your blogs, and find them both very insteresting. I appreciate you stoppying by.

To tell the truth, my diet isn't normally that bad. No question, crappy stuff tastes good, but I tend not to indulge all that often. (Which may sound odd, given how much I joke about it.) But every once in a while I find myself in a "phase" of bad eating, for one reason or another. When that happens, the results are quickly visible and not at all pleasing.

Bottom line: I am way too vain to be happy looking like I did earlier this week! More on that, maybe I'll do a post...

26 October, 2005 09:16  
Blogger tgic said...

Oh my God. Can I just say, I work in the 'Cock (Hancock, that is). Getting into work was a fucking superhuman feat yesterday. For real. UGH.

26 October, 2005 10:54  
Blogger Andraste said...

Yeah, and getting home was even tougher...well, it WAS until I got sick of waiting for my bus (half a fucking hour, watching 5 #73's go by, and not ONE frigging #71... thank you, and fuck you, MBTA) and took a cab. $15 to get home at a decent time, without being packed in and dripped on by people who were as desperate and tired and pissy as myself. Priceless...

26 October, 2005 11:16  
Blogger mrshife said...

Good luck with the fast. I have no dieting tips to offer, but I can assure you laxatives are not the way to go. I did this when I wrestled in high school and college to lose weight. Very, very unhealthy.

26 October, 2005 11:38  
Blogger Andraste said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

26 October, 2005 11:43  
Blogger Andraste said...

Laxatives! No need to bother with those. Dunkin' Donuts gets the job done.

26 October, 2005 11:44  
Blogger the anti-barney said...

Try Vodka it's not too fattening,and you'll pass out before the hunger strikes.
Hello back by the way.

26 October, 2005 16:46  
Blogger Andraste said...

I've tried that strategy. It works ...for a while. Alcohol does suppress my appetite, but it's the lack of willpower when I'm hungover that's the real danger. With a rager in the stomach and a bastard behind the eyes, faced with a choice between a breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese or a full-on greasy fry up, what are you going ot choose? Anyone with a hangover will choose the latter...followed by something disgusting for lunch and potato chips to round out the afternoon. Guilty, as charged!

26 October, 2005 20:23  
Blogger LindyK said...

True, we've all done that... I just did had that happen the other morning -- hungover, the only breakfast that sounded good: the greasy diner south of town... blech!

Have you tried coffee to suppress your appetite? That always does it for me -- when I drink coffee, I lose my appetite for hours on end... of course, I could just be a freak and am the only one that happens to... wouldn't surprise me in the least.

26 October, 2005 22:01  
Blogger Andraste said...

Nope, I'm with you Lindy. Coffee works for me too. Also, there's a 20 IQ point difference between the pre-coffee me and the post-coffee me. So it's a win-win situation all around.

26 October, 2005 22:18  

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