Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy bunny.

Okay, I'm not good at sentiment, but I have to say how moved and touched I am by the tremendous effort everyone made to show me a good time for my 40th birthday Saturday night. (The birthday is actually tomorrow, but let's face it, landmark birthdays should never fall on a Tuesday, but always on a Saturday, right kids? There ought to be a law.)

So, this is my meager thank you to everyone. It doesn't say nearly enough, but hey, I'm still hungover, so that says a lot about what a great time it was, dunnit?

To my loving husband, siblings, friends...everyone who came, and to those who couldn't make it, but were there in spirit, you're all amazing people and I'm lucky to have all of you in my life.


Damned if I'm not still choked up.


Anonymous Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday, Joelle! I always think of you this time of year as your birthday rolls around...raise a Guiness for me, would you?

Your old Emerson pal and GOD-AWFUL ex-roommate (great taste in antique furniture not withstanding),

20 March, 2006 13:44  
Blogger Andraste said...

Gaaaah! My real name is out there now. Oh, shite!

Thanks for outing me, K!

But in all seriousness, thanks for the happy birthday wishes. More Guinnesses, coming up!

20 March, 2006 13:50  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Joelle? C'est trés chic! I posted it yesterday, but in case you missed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Kissy Kissy.

20 March, 2006 15:41  
Blogger Andraste said...

Yes, I saw that FMC - and thanks again for your lovely b-day wishes. How's the hangover? I read your post and haven't had a chance to formulate anything witty to say...

20 March, 2006 15:50  
Anonymous stephenesque said...

Did you drink that drink that makes you hallucinate that I was there?

20 March, 2006 15:55  
Blogger Andraste said...

Oddly, yes, and then I woke up to find a Throbbing Gristle CD in my house.

20 March, 2006 16:01  
Blogger Chris Cope said...

Wasn't Joelle Superman's mother?

40 is the new 30, they say, which means that you are now the same as agae as me, but still older because my birthday is today (the 20th).

Happy birthday

20 March, 2006 16:09  
Blogger Andraste said...

Happy Birthday, Chris. Today is my husband's birthday as well. March is a good month, non?

And no, I do not share my name with any comic book characters. Which is really too bad, I'm thinking.

But the closest to it is Jo-Rel (sp?) who was Marlon Brando.

20 March, 2006 16:12  
Blogger fatmammycat said...

Thank you for the concern luv, but I am recovered. Nap, shower, bacon and eggs and I was almost as right as rain. I'm just too old for that kind of impromtu drunkenness.

20 March, 2006 16:54  
Blogger Binty McShae said...

Joelle? JOELLE!

I couldn't possibly comment, other than to say happy frickin' birthday y' auld git!

20 March, 2006 21:25  
Blogger Monstee said...

Happy Belated Birthday Andraste!!!

For present, me promise not to comment on recently outted information... here... cause me think there may be Blunt Cog strip in here somewhere...

Anyway, hope you really had good one.
Life begins at 40!
(keep saying that... it makes you feel better.)

21 March, 2006 02:35  
Blogger Binty McShae said...

.... Joelle...?

No, sorry. I'm still struggling with that one..... mwar!

21 March, 2006 04:43  
Blogger Binty McShae said...

Your title anagram for today...

SOS - Pubes rash!

21 March, 2006 04:49  
Anonymous vague said...

Happy Birthday! I hear all the cool people are forty now: it's the new twenty. So live it up all year, I say!

21 March, 2006 04:59  
Blogger Brewski said...

Happy Birthday A-Girl! I assume 40 is a great age to be since I'll be there in 4.

21 March, 2006 05:22  
Blogger Lucy said...

Many happy returns. We're practically twins, doncha know!

21 March, 2006 06:40  
Blogger Dr Maroon said...

21 March 2006.
Ist day (official) of Spring.
Joelle the rabbit girl's birthday.

The sap's rising!

21 March, 2006 09:19  

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