Thursday, March 23, 2006

What do you do...

...when you can do anything you want?

For the past three weeks, I have spent more time doing my freelance work (transcription of interview tapes for students and educational researchers, mostly) than I have my real, 9-5 job. Get up in the morning: transcribe before work, lunch break at work: transcribe, get home from work: transcribe till bedtime, weekend: transcribe, transcribe, transcribe.

This basically means I've been all work and no play. I haven't watched any TV, aside from the few minutes I grab while putting laundry away, for three weeks. I haven't seen my friends, aside from my fab birthday party last weekend and the Pogues show. And it has taken me 6 weeks to finish the novel I've been reading, because the only time I've had for reading is on the bus, to and from work. SIX GODDAMN WEEKS to finish an 800 page novel, that normally would take me ...maybe a week. That's just plain wrong.

Today, I handed off the final interview of a large batch, and invoiced it. And I don't expect to receive any more tapes until next week. The money will be great, but I have to say, I would like to figure out a different way to get some extra dosh.

So, for the first time in almost a month, I can do whatever I want with my lunchtime and my evening. But I am at a total loss about what to do. I've actually FORGOTTEN what the hell I used to do with is that healthy?

What do normal people do with this time?


Blogger Binty McShae said...

Wouldn't know. Us not-so-normals tend to fill in the blanks by blogging, it appears.

23 March, 2006 19:56  
Blogger Andraste said...

Ahhhhh....well, that's true.

But I do most of my blogging at work (it's great, makes me look busy!).

23 March, 2006 20:02  
Blogger Brewski said...

I would get rat-arsed.

24 March, 2006 07:15  

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