Thursday, June 15, 2006

No excuses...

...but a good rationalization goes a long way.

Excuse: I'm fat because of genes, so I'm going to eat this macaroni & cheese because there's nothing I can do about it and might as well start REALLY eating healthier tomorrow.

Rationalization: My body wants to be fat, the bitch, but right now, she isn't. Anyway, I was up at 6:30 this morning working out and have eaten nothing so far today but a banana and a slice of grapefruit. So even though I've got a few pounds/inches still to lose, I'm going to eat this macaroni & cheese because the line for something healthy was too long, and I need to load up on some carbs for my 2.5 mile walk home after work.

See how that works?

Fuck off, it works for me.


Blogger fatmammycat said...

Genius. I do it with wine all the time. I have worked all day! I deserve this glass of wine, don't I?

16 June, 2006 04:41  

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